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· How can I make an order?
- There are two types of orders. The ones for the products we have in stock, and the commissions. Here is the form you have to fill If you want to make an order:

Order in-stock products:
· What do you want to order: ( Ex; I want to buy X Teru Teru in color yellow)
· Name:
· Address: 
· City:
· Postal Code:
· Country:


· How long takes an order to be done?
- It depends on the complexity of what you want, but we will do it as soon as possible (the quality of the product isn't going to be less because of this).

· How long does it take to send it?
- We will try to send it as soon as possible when we finish it. If the product you want is in stock, it will be immediatly.

· Is the price of the products negotiable?
- Not at the moment.

· When do I have to make the payment?
- When you receive our email of the order confirmation.
BEFORE we start/send the order, please.

· How can I make the payment?
- At the moment we only accept payments via Paypal.
Once the order is confirmated we will tell you our Paypal email, and this way you will pay.

· From where are the orders shipped?
- Barcelona- Spain

· How much is the shipping fee?
- If you make an order, you must pay the shipping fee, wich can change depends on the packet weight and where you live.
We will tell you the shipping fee before we accept your order, and if you agree with it, we will accept the order.

If you have any doubt don't hesitate to contact us!

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